You may qualify for Second Career funding if:

  • Have been laid off and are working a temporary job just to cover costs
  • Have been laid off and have not been working
  • You are currently receiving Employment Insurance, or have in the past

Individuals who have been laid off because of COVID-19 and want to retrain for new careers in sectors with promising opportunities for future employment will be given priority.

In order to submit your application you will need to prepare and include the following information:

  • How long you’ve been unemployed, or working a temporary job, and have been looking for work
  • The level of education you’ve reached
  • Places and positions you have applied for
  • The skills you want to learn and where you want to train for them
  • Your previous employment, length of employment, and skills you needed to have for that work

When you are ready to apply:

An Education Consultant will guide you through the entire application process and can help you identify programs that may be a good fit based on your previous work experience and future career aspirations.