To better reflect the expansion of the Second Career program, the Government of Ontario has renamed it as Better Jobs Ontario.

Are you ready to start retraining for a new career? Learn more about this program and get the financial help for your education.

Second Career/Better Jobs Ontario is a cost-sharing grant provided to individuals looking to train for a new career. This grant may cover tuition, transportation, books, childcare and more! It is provided based on need, and applicants may need to contribute to cost of the training.

Individuals who have been laid off due of COVID-19 and looking to train in new fields with promising job prospects may receive additional support for their education and related expenses. Plus, funding for programs that fall in one of the four priority streams will be fast-tracked. That means you’ll be able to receive your funding and start your training sooner.

A full list of the current programs that fall within the  4 fast-track streams can be found here. Other programs that do not fall under one of the priority streams may also qualify for this program.

Complete the form and request more information. An Education Consultant can help you better understand all of the Second Career/Better Jobs Ontario options available to you.

Fast-track Programs

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